Frozen berries are a frequent source of contamination by enteric viruses

ISGEV (Italian Study Group for Enteric Viruses) is a group of Italian researchers with a long-standing experience in the field of enteric viruses of humans and animals. The researchers within this group collaborate during their activities, sharing biological resources, data and ideas. ISGEV is open to scientists/researchers wishing to be enrolled in the group activities. ISGEV members collaborate with national and international networks for the study of enteric viruses, including Noronet and RCWG.

ISGEV fits the general objective of improving human and animal health and welfare. The project is inspired by the ‘one health‘ concept, considering a strong connection/interaction between health and welfare in animals and humans.

ISGEV has the scopes of integrating the technical and scientific skills and know-out of several Italian laboratories with long-term experience in the study of enteric viruses. The integration of these and other human resources, represents an added value in the study of infectious diseases in our country. Major tasks of ISGEV are the study of rotavirus, norovirus and astrovirus infections.

A mission of ISGEV is also to provide an open space, i.e. a bulletin board, for communication of epidemiological data, warnings and updates on enteric viruses and for the exchange of data.

Currently ISGEV activities are supported by researchers from the Universities of Bari, Palermo, Parma and Teramo. For collaboration or for sending/requesting information you can contact us at isgev.italy@gmail.com.

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